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Sketchy Theology
Church Cohorts

Everything in our world is changing. Is the church ready for a new world? How do you identify what needs to be changed without compromising the timeless good news of Jesus?


Sketchy Theology Church of the Future Cohorts are designed for practical application in a ministry setting. Pastors and leaders connect for 8 weeks of virtual learning where we take a renewed look at the good news we proclaim as the church and how it could better shape our churches for the future. 

Anchored in the Big Gospel

Everything that Sketchy Theology does is anchored in the Big Gospel that seeks to be good news beyond the simple proclamation of salvation from sins that has become prevelant in the church. This Big Gospel shapes the content for the first 5 weeks as we walk around the Big Gospel Tool and consider each core element. 

Image for God is Love
Image for Jesus is Lord
Image for Jesus's death and resurrection accomplishes everything
Image of for faith leads to the holy spirit filled eternal life.
Image for God is reconciling everything

Training through Habits

Each week, we will introduce a habit connected to the Big Gospel and shaped by the Five Directions of Faithfulness that mark a healthy, active church. Practicing these habits help activate the changes that are necessary in order to become a more hopeful church for the changing world we live in.

Imbedded in a Place

The final three weeks of the cohort, focus on implementation. We understand that every church is located in a unique place with its own culture and context. We will work together to better understand what the five directions of faithfulness could look like in your context, evaluate what barriers may exist in your current systems, and work on a process for implementing the work you’ve done where you are.

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