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Sketchy Theology
Church Cohorts


Wondering if the Sketchy Theology Church Cohort might be right for you, but want to test the waters first? Sign up for our latest interactive webinar to find out more!

Image of for faith leads to the holy spirit filled eternal life.
Image for Jesus's death and resurrection accomplishes everything
Image for God is reconciling everything
Image for God is Love
Image for Jesus is Lord

In this one hour zoom interactive webinar you'll get to have an experience similar to that of the cohorts. We'll share some of the philosophy behind not only the way we structure the cohorts, but also the way the gospel works as well. It'll be your chance to get a taste of who we are and what Sketchy Theology is all about. 

Five Directions of Faithfulness

During the webinar we'll take a look at one of the key components in the cohort, the Five Directions of Faithfulness. Each of these five directions interact with the critical elements of the Big Gospel, and serve as evaluation tools to help discern how the practices of the church are shaping the faith of the people.

Interactive, illustrative exercises

Rather than just being a static, traditional webinar though, Sketchy Theology interactive webinars will include similar interactive elements as our cohorts. Using the online collaboration tool Miro, participants will engage in an exercise to help them reimagine the call of the church today. 

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Already Heard enough?

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