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Reimagining what it looks like to faithfully follow Jesus for a changing world.

The Sketch Effect secondary logo, it's an orange pencil with a halo cropped in a white circle.
A cartoon drawing of the artist standing with a giant pencil looking at a cartoon Jesus who's looking back and waving.

Pictures make things better!

I like pictures. They help me understand things. Years ago I started drawing pictures to better understand and engage with my faith. Nearly 20 years later, I still get excited to see how God uses drawings and artwork to connect more deeply with people and their faith.


Now, my goals is to work with others to connect images to their messages and what God is teaching them about the Kingdom. 


So what’s on your heart? What has God invited you to say, and how can Sketchy Theology help bring it to life?

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Words are great! I love words, a lot. But somewhere along the way we became convinced that words with pictures are only for kids. We all love pictures with words though. They bring ideas to life and help us make connections we might have otherwise missed. 


Whether it's books, teaching resources, presentations, substacks, or wherever you’re trying to communicate ideas with words, connecting your words to pictures will help you and your readers engage with the content and remember it better. 

So what are you saying that pictures might make better? Connect with me and let's see what we can create together!

Let's Make it Happen!

An image of three sketchnotes from three different sermons.

Sermon Sketchnotes

Want to add something fun and memorable to a sermon series? Want to give your congregation something to spark their imagination for following Jesus each week? Sketchy Theology Sermon Sketchnotes bring your sermons to life in new and exciting ways people won't forget.

Visit the Sketchy Theology Store to check out items for sale today.

A framed version of a stylistic drawing of Jesus with his arms open as two religious leaders walk away in the background.
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